Filbert Fox

There's a handful of Cities in the UK that are recognised worldwide, but if you are from Leicester, try going abroad, or even out of the midlands, then try explaining where you come from in the UK.

"I'm from Leicester"


"LES-TAH, in the midlands, near Birmingham"

"You're from London then?!"

I'm hoping, in the events that have unfolded over the last week that I will never have difficulty explaining where I come from again because my little city, the shire, the homeland, is now officially on the map!

I shan't bang on about Richard III (Though he is a friend!) nor will I wax lyrical on the subject of local heroes and rockstars Kasabian (though I am going to see them play at King power Stadium on May 28th!) I will, if pushed, discuss the statistics of our local artisan cheese fair and the finer points of how Leicester is the rural capital of food (pork pie, stilton or crisps...anyone?)

The above is a non exhaustive list of just a few of the things that make Leicester brilliant and I'm most proud to call Leicester city my hometown. To show my appreciation I have created an incarnation of our City's mascot Filbert fox. Filbert heard that Leicester is having a party, and what is a party without cake? So, he and I headed down to King Power stadium today, with a fox in a box that was slightly too small, so his little ears were peaking over the top, all so he could be interviewed on local radio. Because he's a cake and he can't talk, I was to be his spokesperson. We discussed, amongst other things, his innards, layers of dark chocolate sponge filled with a zest orange buttercream.

This is the second time I've created this design, I first baked this cake a few weeks ago for my Dad's 70th birthday. My Dad is a huge foxes fan too, back in the 50's he would go down to Filbert St with his dad, my grandfather to watch city play. I doubt either of them ever thought this moment would come, congratulations LCFC! Hope you enjoy the cake...